Ace Customs is nothing short of fanatical when it comes to our customers and their rides and is committed to always delivering the highest level of quality in every build we undertake. Being Petrol heads ourselves, we share the same passion for all things automotive and will continue to strive to build the meanest, loudest, fastest and coolest cars, boats, ATV’s and whatever else our loyal customers desire!

It is this passion and fanatical perfectionism that has afforded Ace Customs the privilege of having a number of vehicles featured in local magazines. Some of these builds are showcased below as well as some of our other large or unusual projects.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram feeds to see the progress on our latest creations!

Customisation, Restomod, Sound
Customisation, Motorsport, Restoration
Customisation, Sound
Customisation, Motorsport
Customisation, Sound
Customisation, Restomod
Motorsport, Restoration
Customisation, Sound