Our Services


High-end vehicle audio systems

Need some boom to go with your zoom? Ace Customs specialises in the design, installation and tuning of high-quality mobile audio systems in cars, boats, buses, ATV’s and motorcycles – or in any type of vehicle for that matter. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, no job is too big or too wild for us.


Unless you’re building a “sleeper” your radical ride needs to look the part. No point in boosting at 1 bar when it looks like you’re driving your grans car! Ace Customs are experts in the field of automotive customisation, both interior and exterior.


You’ve got a slick ride, but is it looking scruffier than a hobo’s hair? The Ace Customs detailing team will get your car looking better than the day it left the showroom floor.


Think we only do wheeled machines? Think again! Ace Customs can restore, customise or upgrade your watercraft (boat) too. Speed boats, catamarans, barge boats, we cater for them all. Whether you want to make your old boat like new again, make your new boat better or just upgrade specific elements, Ace Customs can handle it.


Racing is in our blood and if it’s in yours, you’ve come to the right place. The motorsport division of Ace Customs, Ace Customs Racing offers a wide range of motorsport and racing related services. Headed up by legendary racing driver, Grant van Schalkwyk who has over 28 years’ experience in the designing, building and preparation of race vehicles.

Performance mods

Your ride looks cool, but is it all show and no go? Or maybe you want more go! I mean, when is enough power actually enough?? Or maybe the handling on your turbo’ed monster is a bit wayward. Either way, our specialised automotive services divisions, Ace Customs Auto has the skills and expertise to give you all the performance you need!

Products & parts

The saying goes – have car, will travel. Or if you’re like us – have credit card, will buy (race car) parts! Who better to buy your parts from than the people who use them (on our own builds) and install them? With over 100 years of collective automotive experience, we know our parts. And we know what works and what doesn’t.

Restoration & Restomod

Old school is cool but old school with new school comfort and performance is waaay cooler!! You’ve got an old car, but it rides like, well…. a (really) old car. You miss the performance, handling and creature comforts of your modern daily driver. The answer is resto-mod or restomod, whichever way you spell it, the goal is to make your old car more modern. We love cars (in case you hadn’t noticed), but restomod is what we REALLY love doing!


Big turbo, down pipe, exhaust…. You’ve got all the mods, but have they unleashed all the horses that they can? Don’t stress if you’ve got some crazy requirement. If you need traction control and boost per gear working in your twin turbo Ferrari engined Mini, you’ve come to the right place!

Van Builds

Pimp your ride? Nah, rather pimp your van!! When people think about a van, they generally think of a dirty, ugly work vehicle. But many people have discovered the value in owning a van and along with that the world of customisation options available.

Vehicle Maintenance

You wouldn’t go to a backyard doctor would you? So why take your cool or custom car to a backyard mechanic? Perhaps it’s a muscle car or a street rod, or a modified hot hatch, or even an exotic super car, or maybe a special import model that wasn’t available in South Africa. But now you have a problem – who can you trust to maintain your pride and joy? Our specialised automotive services division, Ace Customs Auto – that’s who!