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Old school is cool...

…but old school with new school comfort and performance is waaay cooler!!

You’ve got an old car, but it rides like, well…. a (really) old car. You miss the performance, handling and creature comforts of your modern daily driver. The answer is resto-mod or restomod, whichever way you spell it, the goal is to make your old car more modern. We love cars (in case you hadn’t noticed), but restomod is what we REALLY love doing!

More power, sharper handling, power steering, air-conditioning, modern brakes, LED lights and so the list of possible upgrades goes on. There are however two options, you can make it modern under the skin and leave the look standard (wheels, chrome etc.) or you can go the whole hog and put modern bigger wheels, black out the chrome, lower the ride height – the choice is yours.

Or perhaps you’re old school and you like your old school ride with all its little quirks, but it’s looking a little tired. No problem, we don’t only do restomod, we do restorations as well. Pretty much we just love bringing cool old cars back from the dead.

All Ace Customs resto-mod or restoration projects start with one key element – a vision. Your vision in fact. The vision you have for your ride when it’s done. This critical piece of information is what will guide us as we progress through the build. But don’t for a moment think we won’t throw in some of our own ideas. It’s a collective effort, to build the best possible car as the end result.

From the initial inspection, to transporting the vehicle, sourcing and ordering of parts, bodywork, paint, chroming, assembly, tuning, testing and anything and everything else needed to restomod \ restore your vehicle will be handled by our dedicated team. Advice and guidance on options and ideas. It’s all part of the Ace Customs experience. And when it’s finally time for the reveal, you best have your driving shoes on, cause we gonna knock your socks off!

Our specialist restoration and restomod services include:

  • Resprays (paintwork)
  • Nut and bolt restorations
  • Ground-up builds
  • Engine upgrades and swaps
  • Chassis mods \ builds
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Custom interiors
  • Aircon and heating
  • Brake upgrades
  • Parts sourcing
  • Parts fabrication
  • Parts adaption

Give your old clunker a new a lease on life.
Let Ace Customs restomod (or restore) it!

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Customisation, Restomod, Sound
Customisation, Motorsport, Restoration
Customisation, Sound
Customisation, Motorsport
Customisation, Sound
Customisation, Restomod