Ace Customs can restore, customise or upgrade your watercraft (boat) too.

Speed boats, catamarans, barge boats, we cater for them all.

Whether you want to make your old boat like new again, make your new boat better or just upgrade specific elements, Ace Customs can handle it.

Restoring, upgrading and customising watercraft requires that specific care be taken when selecting materials and \ or electrical components as these must be able to stand-up to being exposed to the elements (specifically moisture).

Ace Customs has a wealth of experience in choosing the right materials for our boat upgrades and restorations. Using only suitable materials such as marine plywood, marine vinyl and marine specific audio componentry means that you can rest easy that your boat will stand the test of time (and water).

Our specialist marine services include:

  • Full restorations
  • Resprays (paintwork)
  • Upholstery and interior upgrades
  • Audio system installations and upgrades
  • Wiring and electrical system upgrades
  • Lighting

Don't delay!
Let Ace Customs rock your boat!

Recent Projects
Customisation, Restomod, Sound
Customisation, Motorsport, Restoration
Customisation, Sound
Customisation, Motorsport
Customisation, Sound
Customisation, Restomod