Van Builds

Pimp your ride? Nah, rather pimp your van!!

When people think about a van, they generally think of a dirty, ugly work vehicle. But many people have discovered the value in owning a van and along with that the world of customisation options available.

Anything you can do to customise your car, you can do to a van, just on a much larger scale and with many more options available due to the physical size of the vehicle. If you thought you could let your mind run wild customising your car, think again…. a van, bus or camper is next level.

There are many things which differentiate Ace Customs from other customisation businesses. One of which is our expertise in and passion for the customisation of van’s, buses and campers.

Exterior customisation of van’s, buses and campers are perfectly suited to graphics, wraps or airbrushing due to their very large surface area. Advertising and branding elements can be used to make big, bold statements – much larger than on a car or bakkie. Modifications such as dropped or air suspension, big wheels and spoilers can make for a more aggressive look (if that is the look you are going for). Even body kits are available for some of the more popular van models these days.

The interior of a van, bus or camper is where the fun really starts… huge sound systems, massive 40”+ TV’s, office tables and chairs, lounge chairs, dance floors, Wi-Fi and Internet access, Netflix, lighting, sleeping areas, fridges, workshops….. pretty much anything is possible depending on your requirements, budget and the size of the van or bus. That’s not to say that you must have a huge van or bus to do something awesome, any size van will do, it really all depends on your end goal.

What type of van conversions can we do? Anything from luxury corporate vehicles to wild party buses! Some of our most common conversions are:
  • Ultra-luxury “limo” vans
  • Party vans or buses
  • Mobile offices
  • Mobile marketing or product demonstration vehicles
  • Mobile workshops
  • Event vehicles

Perhaps you have an image of your dream van in your mind, but putting it into words is difficult. Not a problem. We can render the interior of your van in 3D to provide you with a visual representation of the end result (charges apply). Not sure about that drop, wrap or graphic? Also not a problem, we can render that too (depending on the complexity of the design), thus setting your mind at ease before the build commences.

Don’t drive a Postman Pat van.
Rather drive a wild Ace Customs built van!

Recent Projects
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Customisation, Sound
Customisation, Motorsport
Customisation, Sound
Customisation, Restomod