Your ride looks cool, but is it all show and no go?

Or maybe you want more go! I mean, when is enough power actually enough?? Or maybe the handling on your turbo’ed monster is a bit wayward.

Either way, our specialised automotive services divisions, Ace Customs Auto has the skills and expertise to give you all the performance you need!

Our performance modification services include:

  • Normally aspirated upgrades
  • Turbo conversions
  • Supercharger conversions
  • Engine swaps
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Performance engine builds
  • Brake upgrades

And if you want some even crazier, off the wall mods then the team from Ace Customs Racing will step in. Their years of racing has afforded them a wealth of knowledge in designing and building performance mods at the highest level. Everything from simple wheel spacers to custom supercharger mounting brackets, custom fuel tanks, brake caliper mounts and everything in between. All designs are done in house and machined by our machinist.

Give your ride the go to match its show!
Get a performance upgrade from Ace Customs!

Recent Projects
Customisation, Restomod, Sound
Customisation, Motorsport, Restoration
Customisation, Sound
Customisation, Motorsport
Customisation, Sound
Customisation, Restomod