Our Services

The RBTS Racing service offering centres around their Dastek AWD (all-wheel drive) chassis dynamometer (dyno), affectionately nicknamed Darryl. The dyno allows the tuner to measure the power output of your vehicle’s engine (in horsepower or kW) so they can understand if your engine is performing optimally. Utilising specialist tools, the tuner gathers data relating to the functioning of the engine. That data is then assessed and interpreted. The tuner then makes changes to relevant calibrations (in the ECU) to improve the engines performance (or in some cases fuel efficiency).

Rest assured that with over 27 years’ experience, RBTS owner and head tuner, Ross McKay knows how to push the limits whilst maintaining a level of safety for the engine (and thus preventing engine damage or failure). His background in motor mechanics and performance engine building allows him to understand much more than just the tune and affords him the ability to make recommendations on what works and doesn’t work in real world applications.


Whether it is a stand-alone ECU, a remapped ECU or piggyback system, RBTS Racing will be able to develop a tune for it, dyno tune the vehicle and make sure you are getting the most from your engine. Even TCU’s (transmission control units) are no problem and can also be optimised and dyno tested.


You’ve got a slick ride, but is it looking scruffier than a hobo’s hair? Maybe your paintwork needs some shine. Or your engine bay needs a boost (and not from the turbo). Either way, the Ace Customs detailing team will get your car looking better than the day it left the showroom floor.


In many cases and using specific tools, it is possible to remap or flash a vehicles ECU with new software that includes updated parameters (such as boost levels, fuelling and timing) that will enhance the vehicles performance.

ECU Diagnostics

The RBT team’s extensive knowledge of ECU’s and tuning affords them the ability to troubleshoot and diagnose ECU and tuning related issues.


RBTS Racing has the expertise required to configure and integrate different electronic systems such as water-meth controllers, nitrous controllers, intercooler spray systems and much more


It has become evident that faulty or dirty injectors are often the cause of poor performance. For this reason, RBTS now have the ability to test and service petrol injectors in-house.


Our dyno tuning service will often identify “opportunities” to improve performance with additional modifications. Through our close affiliation with Ace Customs, RBTS is able to provide the required parts and installation services to get even more from your vehicle. In most cases the tuner works apart from the mechanical techs. With RBTS and Ace Customs, the tuner and the techs work together to ensure that the right “recipe” is implemented on your vehicle.