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As we all know, Rockford Fosgate are world industry leaders in high performance audio systems and we also know that the guys at Ace Customs are crazy petrol heads who love all things fast and loud and over the top!

As Ace Customs are authorised Rockford Fosgate Dealers in South Africa, we thought it fitting to introduce you to some new and exciting products that Rockford have released. We are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest products and gadgets and maybe these will be just what you need to make your car, van, ATV or boat the dream ride you have always wanted!

Let’s explore a few of the latest Rockford product releases for 2016.

Add-On Tweeter System for 2016 Punch Marine Speakers

If you are needing to add a little more high frequency output to your boat audio system, then look no further than the Rockford PM2T-S element-ready add-on tweeter kit. The 1-inch, 100/200 Watt (RMS/Peak), 4-ohm PM2T-S is an excellent option for anyone needing even more high end on sand or surf.

The PM2T-S features a 1-inch high quality aluminium dome tweeter designed to be incredibly accurate while still producing high output. Rockford Fosgate took into account that this tweeter will likely be exposed to extreme elements on both sand and surf, therefore it has been designed with marine-rated materials as well as tested it for survival in outdoor applications.

Rockford Fosgate Tweeter System Image | Ace Customs

Surface Mounting Made Easy

The PM2T-S offers multiple mounting options such as surface mounting using a discreet dual clamp tweeter mounting system or an optional horn loading mounting flange to provide more directional and higher output volume.

Rockford Fosgate Sound South Africa

This super cool kit also comes with an inline audiophile-grade 18dB crossover pack to ensure proper filtering of unwanted frequencies, protecting the tweeter whilst directing the proper sound to it.

Extra features include marine grade PEI rubber surround, high temperature Kapton voice coil former, Neodymium motor structure, all marine grade construction, and mounting hardware. This system is easily connected to Rockford’s existing line of PM series marine speakers using the additional terminals already provided in their design, so if you can dream it, we can build it!

Punch Marine 1″ Add-On Tweeter System Product Up Close

  • High efficiency 1″ (25mm) Tweeter Kit
  • Aluminium Diaphragm
  • Marine grade PEI rubber surround
  • High Temperature Kapton voice coil former
  • Neodymium motor structure
  • External 18dB/Oct audiophile grade high pass crossover
  • Optional horn loading mounting flange
  • Dual clamp tweeter mounting system
  • Mounting hardware included
  • All marine grade construction
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty

The possibilities are endless when it comes to producing the design and sound that you have always wanted. Be sure to speak to one of our audio specialists at Ace Customs for advice and installations!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to producing the design and sound that you have always wanted. Be sure to speak to one of our audio specialists at Ace Customs for advice and installations!

The Ultra-Compact PMX-0 Element-Ready Moto-Marine Source Unit

Rockford Fosgate Marine Source Unit -  Ace Customs

Anyone out there who gets excited about digital media and internet connectivity on board your boat, car or ATV should really get excited about this new product. Introducing the new Rockford Fosgate ultra-compact PMX-0 digital media receiver.

The PMX-0 has been designed to control any small system installed in vehicles where space is limited, especially in motorsports or marine applications, said Jake Braaten, Rockford’s V.P. of Product Development & Engineering at Fosgate. The unit is protected against dust, UV, temperature, water, corrosion and vibration, and it is the ideal choice when selecting a source unit for just about any application, especially when an ultra-compact receiver is needed.

Bluetooth Streaming Standard

It is now easier than ever to stay connected and be able to stream your audio from your Apple or Android devices, and the PMX-0 features a water resistant rotary knob encoder with white LED button illumination and front mounted sub level controls as well as front/rear/sub RCA output connections

Furthermore, the PMX-0 is IPX6-rated for water spray intrusion protection and features a conformal coated PCB circuit board protecting vital electronics. Take it one step further and you will see that this smart unit is compatible with the PAUX panel mount extension port which adds USB charging and auxiliary audio input options at your fingertips. This digital source unit is a must have!

Whatever you need, desire or wildest dream for your car, ATV or boat, Ace Customs can help you make it a reality. We carry out all of our customised jobs with the utmost attention to detail and out of this world creativity.

See how Ace Customs can help you today.

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