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You Want Bass? Rockford delivers, with 19 inches of it!

Let’s be real for a second here. Which bass-head out there will ever say, “alright that’s enough bass for me now, I’ve got as much as I can handle and I’m more than happy with it”.

Let me tell you, no one in his or her right mind will ever say that! They might be happy with what they have at that moment, but only for a little while, until that itch comes. You know what I’m talking about, that need, that urge to have MORE!

Some guys or girls will be happy with a good 8 inch; some prefer 10 or 12 inches of joy, while some like it really big around 15 or even 18 inches. But then there are the select few, the elite that want even more, they want exuberance, they want it HUGE. Getting back on track..

Rockford 19 Inch Sub Image

Rockford Fosgate has finally delivered it to their clients and it is none other than the long awaited Power Series T3 “Superwoofer”. Yes you heard right, it’s called a “Superwoofer” instead of a subwoofer because it is really massive and it will literally blow your ears off.

Show us the details

The specification on this beast is off the charts. It weighs in at a whopping 34kg! Think about that for a moment, that’s more than the egos of some selfie-obsessed teenagers or more realistically, 3 bags of potatoes! It pumps out 6,000 Watt Max (3000 Watt RMS) of mind altering power and is available in a 1-ohm (T3S1-19) and 2-Ohm (T3S2-19) configuration, according to customer preference.

Some more in depth specs:

  • Three layer glass fiber/Aramid honeycomb/Glass fiber cone.
  • Aluminum dustcap.
  • Injection molded foam surround with VAST™.
  • Proprietary surround mechanical clamping ring.
  • Dual Nomex progressive spiders with integrated lead wires.
  • Aluminum diecast frame with integrated heat sink fins and venting.
  • Custom push spring insulated 4 AWG terminals.
  • Single layer edge wound aluminum 5″ voice coil.
  • Since voice coil design with dual (push/pull) windings.
  • Integrated die cast aluminum trim ring.
  • Dual gap multi-pole Neodymium push/pull motor structure.
The New Rockford Fosgate 19 Inch Sub

But how much is it?

Before I give you the price of this stunning piece of equipment, think about it this way. You can buy a Lamborghini for close to R5 million rand, or 25 Toyotas for the same price. But what would you rather have? If you said the 25 Corollas you should be slapped!

So what I’m saying is that this masterpiece isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for, the Lamborghini of subwoofers comes with a big premium, but it’s the berries so it’s definitely worth it. How much must you cough up for one of these then? Well about R36225 incl vat if you take the current Rand-Dollar rate into consideration. That’s a lot of money, but if you want the best and the biggest, you going to have to pay.

What does Rockford Fosgate have to say about their new gem?

“Go big or go home, right?” said Jake Braaten, Rockford’s V.P. of product development & engineering. “The largest and most powerful subwoofer Rockford has ever built, the 19-inch T3 superwoofer is awesome in both size and output, incorporating technologies never before seen in car audio. Designed with maximum output in mind, the T3 woofer features an incredible 35mm of Xmax excursion in one direction.”

Since its tremendously successful launch during Rockford’s 2015 Product Showcase in January, dealers and those who got a first glimpse were astounded at the T3’s prescribed power, performance, and durability in a frame of such scope.

“This subwoofer is not for the faint of heart,” added Drew Kallen, Rockford director of loudspeaker engineering. “The T3 superwoofer’s injection moulded foam surround makes the foam strong and durable like a rubberized material, while the edge wound voice coil allows the windings to be very close with no air gaps so it stays cool for high power handling capacity. We also engineered a very efficient ‘Push/Pull’ voice coil design with a huge Neodymium magnet for a very efficient motor assembly.

This sub really needs to be experienced in order to fully appreciate it. It’ll blow you away…. literally.”

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Watch the Video Below for the full technology explanation of new 2015 Rockford Fosgate Power T3 19″ superwoofer!

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