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The motorsport division of Ace Customs, Ace Customs Racing offers a wide range of motorsport and racing related services. Headed up by legendary racing driver, Grant van Schalkwyk who has over 28 years’ experience in the designing, building and preparation of race vehicles. As a racing driver himself, he understands not only the theory behind race car building and setup but also what works in practice and can communicate with customers on a “driver to driver” level to ensure the setup is optimal for the drivers’ style and the track on which they will be racing.

In racing there is no room for error. The smallest oversight can result in lost seconds, lost positions or a lost race. Grant, Wayne and the Ace Customs racing team are fanatical about their workmanship and believe that a race car should not only be functional but should also “look the part”. This fanaticism for perfection is evident in their own race car projects – the SDM and the Super Kadett.

Ace Customs Racing are true specialists in the motorsport arena and have extensive knowledge in everything from component fabrication to from scratch race car builds. Ace Customs Racing offers a premium service for the customer who demands only the highest level of quality in all aspects of their racing endeavours. A customer that wants to win races!

Ace Customs Racing advanced motorsport related services include:

  • From scratch race car manufacturing in the Maranello 418SP.
  • Complete race car builds (based on road car body \ chassis).
  • Race car setup.
  • Race engine building.
  • Advanced fabrication (roll cages, suspension components etc.).
  • Specialist machining.
  • Race car testing.

As a result of years of involvement in the motorsport industry, Ace Customs Racing has also developed an extensive network of partners both locally and internationally that offer other motorsport related services. This allows Ace Customs Racing to cater for all of our clients racing needs regardless of what they might be, in essence a turnkey racing solution.

Not every show car is a race car, but an Ace Customs Racing built race car is ALWAYS a show car!