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What is life all about in these modern, technology driven times that we live in? We think it’s all about being connected. People want to feel connected to everything and everyone at all times, or at least as often as possible, especially when they are driving in their cars. Most people spend considerable amount of time in their vehicles on a daily basis.


A few years ago in-car radios had simple functions, like broadcasting radio stations and playing tapes. Today’s generation are also probably wondering what in the world a tape is, but it’s okay kids, you can just go Google that. Modern radios have evolved immensely and we’re here to enlighten you on one of those modern day functions, namely Bluetooth.

Pioneer AVH Double Din Bluetooth Image

A whole new world of possibilities

The introduction of Bluetooth as a communication module built into car radios have paved the way for a whole new meaning to interactive car audio. Gone are the days of having to install pricey hands free car kits or those hideous ear piece devices to be able to safely talk on your mobile phone while driving.

Loads of car radios on the market have Bluetooth built straight into the device these days and it really makes using your cellphone while driving super convenient and safe.

Bluetooth functionality explained

Certain models only have the basic functionality such as making and receiving calls, while more advanced radios can read and display your phone book, connect more than one phone at a time and probably one of the best functions being the ability to play music straight from your phone.

Very few people still listen to actual CD’s in their cars and copying music onto a flash drive every time can become quite a nuisance, so being able to stream all your music from your phone straight to your radio is quite brilliant, with most people keeping all of their latest music on their phones anyway.

Bluetooth doesn’t simply allow you to stream the music, with limited functionality, but instead you can control your phone’s complete music library straight from your head unit, accessing folders, skipping tracks etc. Sound amazing doesn’t it?

How does Bluetooth work?

Bluetooth devices communicate wirelessly with each other through short-range radio waves that have a maximum reach of roughly 10 meters, although some more high-powered devices have longer ranges.

Unlike devices that require a direct line of sight like remote controls, Bluetooth-enabled products need to be in the same area in order to communicate with each other. We won’t get into the deep specifics of it, but all you need to know is that it’s simple to use, it has good quality and of course it’s awesome!

Which type of Bluetooth radio is the best for you?

Car with Bluetooth Pairing

Choosing the best Bluetooth radio comes down to a three important factors. Functions needed, what size radio your car takes, single din, double din or specialized fit and then of course the most important factor, price.

Some cars can only accommodate single din radios, while many modern cars can use universal double din mount radios, while cars like VW have a more rounded shape and being able to take VW specific radios. Once you’ve figured that out, you can look at how much Bluetooth functionality you want – or need.

Some people might only want to be able to make and receive calls in a basic manner, while some want to be able to access their entire phone book as well as being able to stream music. Then the final factor we mentioned which is budget.You can get a Bluetooth capable single din radio for under R2000 and if you look at some more advanced double din systems the price can easily go past R10000.


Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS

Pioneer’s AVH-X5600BHS is a feature packed unit, offering all of the options you want in a multimedia receiver on a widescreen 7″ motorized touchscreen display.

Take your DVDs/CDs and digital media players (iPods & iPhones) and put them to use with the X5600BHS’s many device supporting features, including: built-in Bluetooth for hands free calls and audio steaming, MirrorLink system for Android sync and Advanced App Mode for controlling compatible iPhone apps right on the receiver. The AVH-X5600BHS will make any car stereo into a full media hub.

Kenwood DDX672BH

Enrich your in-car audio and video experience with the Kenwood DDX672BH. The DDX672BH is a multimedia receiver with a variety of tools and features, including: user-friendly iPod controls, hands-free calling and audio streaming with its built-in Bluetooth and music and video app access through your iPhone.

All the features and tools are conveniently organized onto an oversized 6.95″ tilt-enabled touchscreen, making source-switching and music selecting incredibly easy.


Smartphone compatibility is a must for all in-dash receivers, which is why the JVC KW-NSX700 was designed around the smartphone, offering a full list of features and compatibility for the ever growing list of phones.

Its MirrorLink allows you to control most Android features, like scrolling through contacts and music or selecting apps while its iPhone App Control gives Apple users full control of their phones and apps as well. Combined with its built-in Bluetooth features, you’ll never have to touch your phone while you’re in the car again.

Alpine IVE-W530BT

If you’re an Alpine fan looking for the best multimedia receiver for our car, this is the right selection for you. The Alpine IVE-W530 has plenty of options that will turn your car stereo into an entertainment hub.

Built-in Bluetooth for hands free phone calls and audio streaming, App Mode for app control with your smartphone, and other media expansion options through its USB connectivity or auxiliary inputs. For those who don’t need built-in navigation, the IVE-W530BT has everything you need and more.

JVC KW-NSX700 Double Din Image

Time to go get that upgrade and become connected!

Now that you have all the info about why you really NEED a Bluetooth radio in your life and more importantly your car, as well as knowing what to look out for when buying your new radio, all you need to know is where to get this awesome new piece of kit from and of course who will install it for you.


You have definitely come to the right place, as Ace Customs are the definitive experts in helping you choose the best Bluetooth radio for your car. We can assist you with sourcing your perfect radio, at the best price as well as installing it, all with the highest quality of workmanship, guaranteed.


Contact Ace Customs Now to get your new radio as well as answers on any other custom audio enquiries. The best advice and the best service, right at your fingertips!

Kenwood touch screen car radio image


Pioneer DEH-X9600BHS

Modern, sleek and packed with new features, the DEH-X9600BHS is part of the latest line of receivers released from Pioneer. It’s an all-around good pick. With hands free calling and audio streaming Bluetooth built-in, you can keep your eyes on the road at all times and never have to pick up your phone.

It comes with Pandora Internet radio integration, bringing all your internet radio music to the car in an integrated fashion. HD Radio comes built in as well, and gives high quality radio.

With dual USB inputs, you can connect and charge multiple devices at once. Pioneer has always made high-end and top rated car stereo head units and the DEH-X9600BHS is a prime example of a unit that meets that solid reputation.

Kenwood Excelon KDC-X697

The Kenwood Excelon KDC-X697 car stereo is designed with the latest technology to integrate with all of your favorite music applications. You can connect your iPod or iPhone or other device to the front-panel USB input to make searching, scrolling and playing music easy and right from the unit.

It’s compatible with Pandora Internet and iHeart radio and gives you built-in controls, allowing you to thumbs up or down right from the head unit. The KDC-X697 is also compatible with Android, and enables music control directly from the head unit when it’s plugged in. And for satellite radio subscribers, you can enjoy all of your favorite satellite radio stations from coast to coast.

For those who are looking to upgrade all of your car’s stereo components, the KDC-X697 comes with 4-volt RCA outputs that will give your amplifiers the strong signal they need to perform well. It also comes with a 3-band parametric equalizer, giving you the ability to tweak the high, mid and low end frequencies to optimize your car’s speaker setup.


Switch gears with the JVC KD-X80BT digital media receiver. For those who have permanently transitioned from CDs to digital music players like iPods and iPhones, the X80BT might be the unit for you.

Packed with every other feature you could ask for in a receiver, including, built in Bluetooth with streaming audio capabilities, dual phone connectivity, android friendly feature and USB connectivity. The JVC KD-X80BT has everything but a CD slot. But with the latest streaming music apps and devices, who needs one!

Alpine CDE-HD149BT

An all-in-one receiver, the Alpine CDE-HD149BT is among the most innovative units in Alpine’s line of single din receivers. Despite being stacked with features too, it has built-in Bluetooth, Pandora Internet radio, USB connectivity and HD Radio tuner. What stands out the most with the CDE-HD149BT is its user friendly design.

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