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Ace Customs specialises in the design, fabrication, installation and tuning of high-end mobile audio systems (car audio) in premium brand vehicles. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, no job is too big or too wild for us.

We take extreme pride in the fit and finish of all our installs and guarantee the highest level of quality. Whether you are looking for components to upgrade your factory install or a complete system, we can supply everything you need at competitive prices.

As a Rockford Fostgate certified dealer, Ace Customs supplies only the highest quality componentry that is tried and trusted. The Rockford Fosgate slogan says it all… “Car audio for fanatics”! Established in 1973 by Jim Fosgate, Rockford Fosgate have been pioneering mobile audio for more than four decades and continue to do so.

It is for this reason that Rockford Fosgate components form the basis of most of our installs. In addition to Rockford Fostgate, Ace Customs also supplies and installs Lightning Audio, Cerwin Vega, Alpine, Audio Control and Kenwood, but if you are looking for another specific premium brand, let us know. Chances are, we can source it for you.

A major differentiator between an Ace Customs install and a competitor install is that the same level of quality is carried throughout the install. You will never find a “nice on the outside, ugly on the inside” build coming out of Ace Customs.

It doesn’t matter to us that you might never see it, it needs to be built to Ace Customs standards or it won’t be built at all. All structures are manufactured only from ‘supawood’ and never from ‘chipboard’, all wiring is Rockford Fosgate oxygen free mobile audio specific and of the correct gauge, panel gaps are always straight and true and screws or fasteners are always hidden (unless they are a feature of the design).

Our specialist mobile audio (or car sound as we know it here in RSA) services include:

  • Door panel customisation
  • Subwoofer enclosures
  • Complete boot builds
  • “Stealth” boot installs
  • Fibre glass builds
  • Lighting
  • Factory system upgrades
  • Head unit upgrades
  • Signal processor installations
  • Amplifier installations
  • Electrical system upgrades
  • Sound deadening

In addition to this, as far as possible our audio installs are “non-invasive”. We do not cut wiring harnesses or body panels to ensure that warranties are not affected and that vehicles can be put back to standard for resale.

Ace Customs can also offer a number of manufacture approved components for several vehicle brands, including BMW and Renault. These are often available with the purchase of a new vehicle and can be included in your finance deal, so you can be “rockin” from the moment you leave the showroom!


Ace Customs are true mobile audio installation specialists with experience in audio system installation on motorcycles, ATV’s (All-Terrain-Vehicles) and premium watercraft (boats). All equipment used in outdoor vehicle audio systems is purpose designed to withstand the rigours of motorsport and the elements.

Accessorise your “hog” with a motorcycle radio, speakers, amplifier and even a subwoofer! From direct replacement upgrade kits to full custom installs requiring fibreglass fabrication, Ace Customs can fit and tune a system to suit your ride and your ear.

As with all our installs, they are as far as possible non-invasive, with the fit and finish able to match any custom bike. Some might think that motorcycle audio seems a little pointless, but with today’s technology, motorcycle and ATV audio components are high powered to overcome road and wind noise and are designed to work on vehicles with modest electrical systems. Ace Customs will put the “rock in your roll”!

Our specialist motorcycle and ATV services include:

  • Head unit upgrades
  • Amplifier installations
  • Subwoofer installations
  • Speaker installations
  • Lighting

Ace Customs also has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the installation of audio components and systems into many types and brands of watercraft. You might think that installing an audio system in your boat is as simple as purchasing some quality car audio equipment and having it installed by your local shop – unfortunately it’s not.

Using car audio equipment in a marine application will work, but the life expectancy of the equipment will be greatly reduced. This is as a result of the impact of the elements on the circuitry and materials used as they are not designed to withstand being exposed to water, moisture and salt.

For this reason, it is critical that proper marine audio components are used as this will ensure many hours of uninterrupted operation. Proper installation using specially treated marine plywood is also a necessity as this prevents warping and swelling of panels.

Great care is also taken to ensure that the electrical system of the craft is in no way compromised and as far as possible factory fit and finish are maintained with all workmanship being of the highest quality. Let Ace Customs build you a marine audio system that will “rock your boat”!

Our specialist marine services include:

  • Full marine audio systems
  • Fibreglass panels
  • Dual battery systems
  • Custom subwoofer enclosures
  • Tower speakers
  • Head unit upgrades
  • Amplifier installations
  • Lighting