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Exterior Customisation

Ace Customs offer a multitude of specialised exterior customisation services. These are not your “run of the mill” body shop services. We fabricate and \ or modify to create highly individual one-off designs that are entirely customer specific. This allows our clients to differentiate their rides (or whatever vehicle it might be) from other similar vehicles on the road.

Our clients often have “off the wall” crazy customisation ideas, and this is what Ace Customs both loves and excels at. Using advanced fabrication techniques, the possibilities are literally endless. If something you require isn’t listed below, enquire today, it is very likely Ace Customs can assist you!

Our specialist exterior customisation services include:

  • One-off splitters & spoilers
  • Custom grilles
  • Trim panels
  • Engine bay tidy-up / dress-up
  • Theme cars


And as the finishing touch to your awesome ride, Ace Customs can also professionally detail it for you. What exactly is “professional detailing” or “auto detailing” (as it is also known), you might ask?

Auto detailing is the performance of thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auto_detailing

The emphasis here is on ‘show-quality level of detail’ and is very different to what is available at your local car wash and may be termed “valeting”. Detailing involves just that, detail! Ace Customs takes great care and a large amount of time is taken to ensure that every surface, every nook and cranny has been cleaned, polished and treated. Not only does this dramatically enhance the looks of the vehicle (both inside and out), but also prolongs the life of paintwork, rubber trim and other surfaces.

Detailing can be broken down into three main “categories” – interior, exterior and engine bay. These areas can be detailed all at once or in stages, depending on your requirements and budget. It is for example entirely feasible to do a paint correction process without detailing the interior of the vehicle or vice versa.

That said, Ace Customs always goes the extra mile and will never leave polishing residue or protectant overspray on your vehicle. Ace Customs is car crazy and you can be certain that when your vehicle leaves, it will have that show car perfect look!

Ace Customs uses only Meguiar’s car care and professional detailing products. Establish in 1901 and trusted by millions of customers and detailers worldwide, Meguair’s is the ultimate in automotive (and marine) care.

Whilst Ace Customs will prepare show cars, that is not to say that high quality, professional detailing services are only for show cars. Ace Customs will detail any vehicle from cars to bikes and even boats. If Mom wants her “taxi” to sparkle, Ace Customs will detail it. New cars can also benefit from detailing by way of a paint protect process which will prolong the shine and life of paintwork. Give your ride the love it deserves and let Ace Customs give it that show car perfect look!

Our professional detailing services include:

  • Paint correction
  • Swirl removal
  • Paint protection
  • Scratch removal
  • Engine bay cleaning and detailing
  • Show car preparation
  • Interior detailing
  • Leather and carpet cleaning
  • Headlight restoration
  • Overspray removal
  • Minor dent removal

Download our post detailing ‘Car Care Guide’ here.