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For the average Joe, a car is just a transportation device, designed to simply take them where they need to be. For car enthusiasts though, a car is much more than that. It’s an extension of themselves, their personalities, their style and it becomes part of their lives just like a child or girlfriend would.

Just as petrol heads change the exterior of their cars to suit their specific needs and wants, a very important aspect of a custom car is the interior. That is after, all where you spend a lot of time whether you’re driving your car or even just chilling inside it.

How did interior customisation start?

Just like car customisation in general has been around for a very long time, car interior customisation has also been a part of car culture for very long, with enthusiasts starting to modify their car interiors as early as the early 1930’s, using pre-World War II cars like Model-A Fords and such. Since those years, way back when, car interior customisation really took off and it just got crazier and more intense over the years, with ideas booming and guys coming up with some really creative stuff to enhance their cars.

Custom Car Interior Ideas and Interior Customization Imaghe

Car interior customisation over the last few decades

When car customisation started off, guys were doing simple changes, like recovering their seats with different colours and different materials, but over the years, they started doing better and more elaborate things to spruce up the interior looks of their rides. In the early ‘50s and ‘60s the Lowrider culture started popping up and it’s still massive today. These involved using cars like the Chevrolet Impala which were some of the most popular Lowrider cars as well as others like Cadillacs and Oldsmobiles.

With these cars, enthusiast starting doing much more involved modifications, for instance taking seats off their rails and replacing them with plush seats that can actually rotate. Re-covering the seats and dashboard with materials like suede and velvet, usually utilizing very bright colours like purple, yellow and basically any striking colour you can think of.

Another popular trend over the years has been what is generally known as “Ricers” that started around the early ‘90s, which usually involves taking cars like Honda Civics and similar cars and doing the interior up like a racecar. Here the guys would replace their seats with racing buckets and harnesses and they’d also install loads of racing gauges inside their cars, most of the time being ones that they don’t actually need at all. What is also very popular in this culture is installing copious amount of lights inside the cabin, so the cars light up like Christmas trees.

Installing massive sound systems along with lots of screens is also not an uncommon sight in this trend. Hot-rodding or street-rodding is another type of look which can look really cool. Here guys take cars and almost make them look raw, with cars often having rusted paintjobs and an unfinished look.

Ricer Interior ace customs
Custom Car Interior Ideas and Interior Customization
Custom Van Interior

Muscle cars are quite popular to use as well as cars from the ‘40s and ‘50s. Guys will often have very stripped out interiors, and have steering wheels that can be made from chains or raw steel. Gear knobs can also be made from things like spanners, knuckle dusters and almost anything creative that you can think of. A very popular style of seat to use with these cars are bomber seats made out of steel. Within this trend, almost anything ‘raw’ goes, as long as it makes your car look badass as hell!

OEM customisation is very popular in today’s time as it’s quite easy to do and it still gives you a factory look. This usually involves taking interior parts like the dash, seats or steering wheel in your car and replacing it with parts from a different or newer model of car, from the same manufacturer, for instance putting a Golf MKVI GTI steering wheel in a Golf MKII.

These are just a few different types and styles of car customisation and the possibilities are actually endless, only limited by your imagination, time and money of course. Over the years, Ace Customs have had numerous requests for some crazy and amazing interior customisation and we’ve always delivered the best results to our clients and in the process always pushing the boundaries of what can be done, as you can see here: Interior Customisation Gallery.

Where is car interior customisation heading in the future?

The limits of interior customisation are endless and in this futuristic age with modern technology and some amazing products on offer, you can install just about anything inside your car. Some of the installation options are massaging seats, televisions, satellite radio, surround sound, bar fridges, soft leather, champagne holders and much more can be installed in your car.

If you have the money, the space and of course access to the expertise and mad skills like the interior gurus at Ace Customs, all of these dreams can become a reality.

We think car interior customisation will be becoming more bespoke and more interactive in the near future and you can be sure that Ace Customs will always be at the forefront of the latest trends and developments.

What does Ace Customs offer as interior options?

Ace Customs offer virtually anything you can imagine for your vehicle’s interior. Do you want a banging custom sound system in your car or a fully re-upholstered luxurious leather interior? We can do it with ease. How about building the sickest party bus with televisions, fridges, couches and the works?

Of course we can do that as well and we’ve done so before. Our work is only limited by your imagination, so get those ideas flowing. Bring it and we’ll build it. Contact us now to make all your interior dreams come true!

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