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Two Killer New Products From Rockford Fosgate

Surface Mounting Made Easy

The PM2T-S offers multiple mounting options such as surface mounting using a discreet dual clamp tweeter mounting system or an optional horn loading mounting flange to provide more directional and higher output volume.

This super cool kit also comes with an inline audiophile-grade 18dB crossover pack to ensure proper filtering of unwanted frequencies, […]

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Ace Customs Racing Project 418

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Custom Car Interior Ideas and Interior Customization

Car interior customisation over the last few decades
When car customisation started off, guys were doing simple changes, like recovering their seats with different colours and different materials, but over the years, they started doing better and more elaborate things to spruce up the interior looks of their rides. In the early ‘50s and ‘60s the […]

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How does it work? Air Suspension Systems

Suspension 101
Every car has some combination of springs, shocks, bars, or links that suspends its chassis, body, engine, and drivetrain above its wheels. If you had to remove any of these elements the ability to accelerate, turn, and stop in relative comfort will become non-existent. The trouble is, most of those characteristics are at odds […]

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Rockford Fosgate T400X4ad Amplifier Review

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How does it work? Bluetooth functionality in car radios

What is life all about in these modern, technology driven times that we live in? We think it’s all about being connected. People want to feel connected to everything and everyone at all times, or at least as often as possible, especially when they are driving in their cars. Most people spend considerable amount of […]

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The New Rockford 19 Inch Sub

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How to Blow your Car Speakers

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