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Maranello 418SP Sports Prototype

Trust you will be inspired by our Maranello 418SP (Sports Prototype) and here we will be sharing insights into the project from beginning to end.

Ace Customs Racing co-owner Grant van Schalkwyk explains:
The history of the auto mobile is filled with many iconic names, yet in the heart of any real racer there is only one; Ferrari. Ever since I can remember my dream was to be a race car driver, it was somehow naturally part of my DNA.

I dreamt of racing for Enzo Ferrari, sadly that never materialized but instead the dream turned into a wonderful and very successful racing career that stretched over a period of 25 years.

Needless to say my determination led to many races won, championship successes, land speed records, national motor sport accolades that were achieved through extremely hard work and backed with huge love and support from my dear mother and super hero late father.

Ace Customs Racing Blog Ferrari 312PB

Motivation For The Project 418

The motivation of Project 418 is imbedded in the desire to rediscover the essence of real race cars and to experience what it was like for the gladiators who piloted the most insane hard core race cars of our time. The period of the late sixties and early seventies is without doubt the glory days of motorsports where men and machines fought each other without fear or favor, most times man would stand victorious but on occasion machines would win and the gladiator dying with honor.

The lives of the brave men who died while piloting these monsters were not lost in vain, it is through their bravery and fighting spirit that today we have safe road cars backed with super intelligent electronic devices that assist the most novice and inexperienced drivers.

You And Your Race Car

During my racing career I became more and more despondent with the way the racing car industry was headed. Electronic systems and data logging became more important thus taking away elements from the true racer. Don’t get me wrong, these systems are wonderful and amazing tools to assist a race car driver in going faster, nothing wrong with that and an absolute necessity in modern motorsports, but inside me lurks the desire of my early racing days when it was you, your race car, the race track and the only thing that really mattered, the stop watch.

I am a select breed of race car driver that can not only drive a race car but also design, build and fabricate racing cars, including engines, gearboxes and specialised welding.

Ace Customs Car Audio Customisation

Now you know why I called my father a super hero, these skills all wonderfully taught by him and through me his legacy continues in Project 418.

Project 418 is a race car evolution of the last sports prototype car Ferrari won the Group 6 Prototype endurance championship with in 1972, the Ferrari 312PB. It is a bare bones, hard core, thrilling machine that triggers all the senses that the drivers of that era experienced. Challenging to drive and lightning fast, the Maranello 418SP is meant to be driven hard. Designed to accommodate various forms of motorsports; it can be a true replica of the Ferrari 312PB, a track day car or a modern endurance racer. Each Maranello 418SP is hand built to aircraft quality, this is not just a race car but also a show car.

The Power Output

The first version of the Maranello 418SP is scheduled to run in May 2016, powered by a normally aspirated 4.1L Quad Cam V8 engine built in house to our own spec., coded VSR039. Power output is around 425hp @ 8000rpm.

Our racing division will be available from July to accommodate potential customer test drives, these being either as a passenger or to qualified licensed race drivers that fulfill our criteria. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our production order book is open, so if you are interested in owning a Maranello 418SP, get your name down without delay as we will be building very limited quantities per year.

Follow our progress on the site and the blog

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